-Hello Everyone Lyrics-



Hello Everyone

Everyone seems so busy

                                        Searchin for a dream

Everyone missin something

                                        Sadder than it seems

Everyone's heart sails homeward

For memories made of fun

Hello Hello everyone

Everyone feels so special

                                         Chasin for a dream

Do we really know what we're after

                                          It's never what it seems

Children growin up too quickly

Before they really see

Hello hello everyone

Is everyone reachin forward

For things they've never done

Hello hello everyone

Hello hello everyone

I don't wanna be a victim of circumstance

And I know there's nothin I can do anyway

All I'm sayin

                                          You know I can't

How much faster do we innovate

May be this is not the better way

Nothin's ever easy

                                         Not the way it was

Some of us wait for something

                                         But it never comes

Nothin really seems to matter

If memories live alone

Hello hello everyone

Don't you know love's the answer

We're always looking for

Hello hello everyone Hello hello everyone