-Hello Everyone Lyrics-

All My Life

When I was young I never learned to dance

Afraid some might see me as a fool

True I get caught up and search myself for answers

Not cause I want someone to blame

Ah there's some things I will never understand

In time, I've learned to believe

If you weigh it all out there's more than meets the eye

Don't you see, they'll always be something we're waiting for

Things we might do what would have been

But we don't go around again.

All my life between the ups and downs

You've been a lover and a friend

I hope you know I'll love you till the end

When it's cold I hang on to you

You see, together we find a way to make it warm

And you know, everybody needs to belong

Seems to me there's only one key

Together is the way to be

In my life, the boy who's now a man

Inside feels very much the same

I hope this feeling will not ever change

The way that I see

All my life sometimes I know we have our difference

There's one thing I now and always knew

I can't imagine living without you

Come put your arms around me