-Esther Abel Mandersloot-

Hello Bobby,

We have very sad news. My dear wife and mom of Ferdi and Jordi - Esther - passed away last Sunday night, April 15 at our home. The illness that she 'd been fighting for so many years, ultimately took her away from us. She is here with us in the living room and many of our friends and family have been visiting. 
She has been an incredible woman with such a fantastic character and a great mom, always positive, stimulating and encouraging others. The ceremony is being held this Friday and during the service we'll play 'All For a Reason' and 'It's your Birthday,' the song you sent her on her June 11th birthday, back in 2007, when she was getting chemotherapy. 

The boys will play the songs they each wrote her personally during the service. They also played these in front of her on Saturday night, less than a day before her passing. Ferdi's song is brand new and he played it to her for the first time. Esther was touched by this and I admire both our sons for having given her their present in such an emotional situation. I managed to get some of it on my camera and hope we will be able to share it with you guys. I think these new songs the boys made for her do have potential, possibly you guys are interested...

When you are in holland in May/June, we would be delighted to meet you, possibly at our house, if any time slot would be open to you and you would be interested. During Esther's last days in hospital and at home, she regularly listened to your music and watched your Wakker Eemnes live DVD, the concert we had attended. Ferdi played your original vinyl on the record player many times for her. Watching her sing along to your music, her eyes closed, enjoying every word, was very comforting. We'd really like to thank you for providing her with an opportunity to ease her mind. Even in hospital she continued to be an ambassador for your music, playing your music and sharing her concert visiting experiences with the nurses, other patients, friends, family, etc. 

The card for Esther's service is in the attachment. We are sad and very proud at the same time.

Best regards,

Ad Abel (also from Ferdi and Jordi) 

Dear Ad, Ferdi and Jordi,
             We are unable to fully express our sorrow at this moment...we're shocked and so sorry for your loss...We feel like we lost a very close friend...Billy and I fell in love with Esther the first time we met her...at first we were fascinated how much she looked like my first real girlfriend (love) but then it was her charisma and energy not to mention her infectious smile. We looked forward to seeing you guys every time we came to Holland. It's difficult to believe she is no longer with us. Our sincere condolences to you Ad, Jordi and Ferdi. Please also extend our sorrow to the rest of the family and friends. You must be devastated.
              We'd love the hear the boy's songs they wrote for her. We knew that Esther was a champion for our music and feel honored to have been a part of such a wonderful person's life...I know she's in heaven and will eventually be sharing our music up there.
             Esther will be surly missed. We look forward to seeing you and the boys in the future but it will be difficult getting used to Esther not being there with you. You are fortunate to have shared such a beautiful, all be it short life. She will be missed but never forgotten.
~bobby (& billy)