In the 70’s I was very close to Billy and Bobby. We hung out, we hung at bars together, they taught me sailing in Santa Monica, they nearly killed me trying to teach me to skateboard on the beach (my knees have never been the same), they introduced me to T&M (nothing nasty, just Tab and Mozzarella) which is still today one of my favorite combo’s. I would like to think we were buds. We all came from a similar region of Nassau County and they came in to our Hempstead store a lot. I caught them often in My Father Place because I was underage and Epi was very cool about it. Not only was I fan of Barnaby Bye but of the Alessi Bros in particular.

In 1975 I had a pretty bad accident that kept me in a burn unit for 4 months. After about a month, a cassette tape and a Bell and Howell cassette player showed up in my ICU. After it was disinfected (that was just how it was, Hospital rules, no reflection on the senders) I hear this tape sent by Bobby and Billy. It was all about me. It was personalized from the first “Hey Sammy” to “OK Sammy, get some sleep now”, had songs I knew and songs they hadn’t even released yet and always asking on the tape if I was OK and that they had me in their thoughts and prayers. I was pretty fucked up both physically and emotionally. That tape got me through more tough times than either of the twins could possibly understand. If I listened to it once, I listened to it 500 times. I know they wanted to visit but they weren’t allowed, only two at a time, in full hospital garb and it had to be immediate family. Besides, I didn’t want anyone to see me like that.

Somewhere in the move from the Hospital to home the tape got lost (or stolen) and I went into a deep depression. Partly because of my situation but definitely because of the loss of that tape. I don’t know how history will show the Alessi Bros. as the artists they deservitivly need to be recognized as, or the song writers they were so prolific as, or the voices they shared to so many artists (my Mother was most impressed when I told her they sang with Barbara Streisand) or just the friendship they had with so many others including me.

I am so glad for this web site so I can state a few words. They were talent (are talent) that never truly got the recognition they deserved as artists but at least the Jingle Community saw them for they had to offer and contribute. Though you might not hear them on the top 40 you hear them so much more on the TV and Radio and don’t realize how much they really did contribute to our lives.

Thanks Guys.

I know I said some kind of thank you 35 years ago but looking back at it, it was not enough.


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