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"Savin The Day"


$20. plus $4.95 S&H
We're sorry but due to ever rising shipping prices we need to charge the $4.95 but actually, our cost to ship to anywhere outside the country is $14.00
We did this for all the fans that have been asking over and over again.."where's the other versions of Savin The Day? We did do a bunch for the movie and low and behold..we found the
15 IPS tapes of the mixes from over 30 years back. We brought them to Cove City Sound and had them baked in order to retreive the audio and transfer it to digital so you guys could
finally get a hold of these tracks. We did it for you. Also special thanks to Richie Cannada and Cove City Sound.

We now have the Karaoke versions available!

Just add $10 to the purchase of "Every Version There Ever Was" and we'll include the Karaoke CD with two versions:

1-With background Vocals
2- Extended version without background vocals and with the horn section.


$25.00 Includes shipping and handling

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Alessi Special Edition Remastered Re-Release
includes bonus tracks "Oh Lori" original demo and "Angelina" lost track from the 1st Alessi album

Alessi Special Edition
$25.00 includes shipping and handling


Soundfighter's Alessi Bros. Remixes
-Great dance remixes of Alessi Classics-

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Alessi-Soundfighter Remixes


Collectors Edition Live DVD, "All Our Life" Performing all the Classic Alessi Songs. :: Fan Reviews
Also included, our brand new CD, "Pure Alessi" featuring 12 new songs.
This collectors edition is a pre-release with a limited supply.

Limited Collectors Edition $35.00 Plus Shipping
(shipping inside US $3.95) (shipping outside US $5.95)

All Our Life Collectors Edition

All Our Life Collectors Edition

Available in 2 formats- NTSC (US) or Pal (Europe)
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>>Our complete catalog available on CD

All of our CDs are $19.95 per CD plus $2.95 shipping and handling in the US or $4.95 shipping outside of the US
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Barnaby Bye Live in '05
-Available now for $29.95 plus S&H

'07 T-Shirt
or Scarf- $15.00 plus $2.95 shipping and handling in the US or $4.95 shipping outside of the US

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Alessi Brothers
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>>ALESSI (first Alessi album which includes "Oh Lori") CD :: Lyrics

$25.00 includes shipping and handling


$25.00 includes shipping and handling

>>DRIFTIN' CD :: Lyrics

$25.00 includes shipping and handling


>>WORDS & MUSIC CD :: Lyrics

$25.00 includes shipping and handling


$25.00 includes shipping and handling

>>OUR BEST OF CD :: Song Listing

$25.00 includes shipping and handling


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