::The Alessi Brothers Discography


Label: A&M
Credits: Producer Bones Howe
- Do You Feel It
- You Can Have It Back
- I Was So Sure
- Big Deal (Live Without You)
- Don't Hold Back
- Too Long To Forget
- Sad Songs
- Oh Lori
- Joanna
- Seabird

Album: All for a Reason

Label: A&M
Credits: Producer David Lucas & The Alessi Brothers
- All for a Reason
- Love to Have Your Love
- Farewell
- Avalon
- Air Cushion
- London
- Hate to be in Love
- You Can Crowd Me
- Make it Last
- Here Again

Album: Driftin'

Label: A&M
Credits: Producer Louie Shelton
- Dancing in the Halls of Love
- Driftin'
- Believer
- Rainbows go on Forever
- Space
- You're out of Love
- That's When She Touched Me
- I Don't Wanna Lose You
- Not Tonight
- Just Can't Stop It

Album: Words & Music

Label: A&M
Credits: Producer Bob Gaudio & The Entertainment Company
- Gimme Some Lovin'
- Lover Boy
- Words and Music
- As Long As I Still Have You
- Midnight Low
- Evil Man
- Wait For Me
- I Wish That I Was Making Love (To You Tonight)
- Hot Fun in the Summertime

Album: Long Time Friends

Label: Qwest
Credits: Producer Christopher Cross, Michael Ostin, Quincy Jones, Duet w/ Patty Austin
- Jagged Edge
- You Got The Way
- As Far As I'm Concerned
- Rise Up
- I'm Gonna Tell Her Tonight
- Put Away Your Love
- What a Way to Go
- Still in Love
- How Long, How Much
- Forever
- Long Time Friends

Album: Hello Everyone

Label: EdenRoc/Pink
Producer: Alessi Bros.

Album: Just Like That

Label: EdenRoc/Pink
Producer: Alessi Bros.

Album DVD/CD: All Our Life/Pure Alessi

Label: Home Of Jazz
Producer: Alessi Bros. & Adrie Hoogland

Album CD: Alessi Special Edition

Label: Eden Roc Records
Producer: Bones Howe

Album CD: Two Of Us (NEW)

Label: Eden Rock Records
Producer: Alessi Bros.

other DVDs:

DVD: Alessi-The New York Mix

DVD: Barnaby Bye-Live in '05

Other recordings featuring Alessi Brothers:

Album: Ghostbusters ::Nominated for a Grammy Award

Label: Arista
Credits: Producer, Phil Ramone
Composers, Vocals and Performance: Billy and Bobby Alessi (Saving the Day)
Background Vocals, The Alessi Brothers

Album: Milk and Honey (John Lennon & Yoko Ono)

Label: Columbia

Album: Fate for Breakfast (Art Garfunkel)

Label: Columbia
Producer: Louie Shelton
Credits: Background Vocals Billy and Bobby Alessi

Album: Hard to Hold (Rick Springfield)

Label: Razor & Tie
Credits: Background Vocals, The Alessi Brothers

Album: Making a Good Thing Better (Olivia Newton John)

Label: MCA
Credits: Composers,The Alessi Brothers ("Sad Songs")

Album: The Main Event Soundtrack and Single (Barbra Streisand)

Label: Columbia
Credits: Background Vocals Billy and Bobby Alessi

Album: Fourever (The Four Tops)

Label: Hip-O
Credits: Composers, Billy Alessi and Joey Levine (Hot Nights)

Album: Peter Frampton Breaking All The Rules

Label: A&M Records
Credits: Composer Alessi Bros. Rise Up

Album: Room to Grow

Label: Atlantic
Credits: Producer Barnaby Bye, Ahmet Ertegun

Album: Touch

Label: Atlantic
Credits: Producer Jack Richardson

Album: Thrice Upon A Time

Label: EdenRoc/Pink
Credits: Producer Barnaby Bye